Lots of household items needed this week - Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for July 17th - 23rd

meal plans, $50 weekly grocery budget,
Since Michael was at vacation bible school at our church on Saturday morning, Jon and I decided that we would just get our grocery shopping out of the way.  We actually did our meal planning at Walmart, I wouldn't suggest doing that though.  Here's what we came up with for dinners during the week:

  1. Chicken Alfredo (carry over)
  2. French Bread Pizza (Jon was so impressed with how it turned out last week, he wanted it again.)
  3. Hamburger Helper lasagna (already have everything)
  4. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Wegmans ended up being out of the ground hamburger that we buy and they taste so much better with fresh than frozen.)
  5. Cheese Steaks

As I said, we decided on the meal plan while shopping at the first store, Walmart, so we just added to the list of what we needed as we went.  Not the way I normally do it or would suggest to anyone.  Make your decisions before you go and bring a list with you.  Here's what our final list for Walmart looked like:
  • loaf of French bread  $1.00
  • hot dog buns  $1.28
  • hamburger buns  $1.28
  • hoagie buns  $2.78
  • loaf of honey wheat bread  $1.74
  • breadsticks  $2.42
  • pizza style shredded cheese  $2.34
  • sticks of butter  $4.54
  • soap  $4.88
  • toothpaste  $2.97
  • dishwasher soap  $2.98
  • pizza sauce  $0.98
  • mustard  $1.77
  • toilet paper  $11.97

Lots of household items were needed and since we had a good amount of money carried over from last week, we chose to get them all instead of staggering them out.  We ended spending $44.80 at Walmart.

When we got to Wegmans, I was a little worried about being able to get some of the items that I wanted for lunches for me during the week.  A lot of the time, I just make something from what's in the house or heat up leftovers.  So, we figured out how much we had to work with money wise and got the items we absolutely needed.  Then opened the handy-dandy calculator app on our phones and started added things up as we went.  Here's what our final list at Wegmans looked like:
  • OJ  $2.49
  • Steakumm chicken  $3.19
  • Steakumm  $3.99
  • croutons  $1.99
  • Olive Garden Italian dressing  $3.79
  • fettucine noodles  $1.19
  • head of lettuce  $1.49
  • green pepper  $0.54
  • 2lbs strawberries  $3.99
  • bananas  $1.03
  • red onion  $1.05

I was pretty happy since I was able to get my strawberries and stuff to make a salad for lunches this week.  We spent a total of $25.36.

The grand total spent was $70.16.  Since we had a carry over of $23.92 from last week, our total budget was $73.92.  That made us under budget by $3.76.  I also earned $0.20 for the loaf of honey wheat bread, $0.20 for the shredded cheese, $0.50 for the sticks of butter, $0.20 for the toothpaste, $0.20 for the mustard, $0.20 for the OJ, $0.20 for the head of lettuce, $0.20 for the strawberries, $0.20 for the bananas, $0.20 for the onion, $0.20 for the green pepper, and $0.20 on the noodles all through Ibotta.  They were have a fabulous any brand offer going on.  In total, I earned $2.70 through Ibotta!  I also uploaded my receipt to Walmart's savings catcher app.