Creating your own cork board

DIY cork board, kitchen command center,
In creating our kitchen command center, which is almost complete, I never really imagined having a cork board in it.  It just so happened that I purchased the wrong size frame and so Jon and I decided to make it into a cork board.

I had purchased the white frame from Hobby Lobby to just frame out the calendar that we were using in the kitchen.  I thought the dimensions of this frame were correct and I couldn't pass it up since it was in the clearance section for less than $10!  When I got home and did a test fit, I realized that it was too big for my original plan.

After hashing things out, Jon and I both decided that making it a cork board would work better for our kitchen command center.  So, we went back to Hobby Lobby a few months later and bought a large roll of cork board.  Jon had some foam board that he glued the cork to.  This will help with added support and so pins won't push through and into the wall.  Once the glue was dried, he then glued the cork covered foam board into the frame.

DIY cork board, kitchen command center,
We let it set for a few days and then hung the frame into place.

DIY cork board, kitchen command center,
With a regular push pin, I hung up our calendar.  I think it has given our command center some much needed texture and another pop of color.  Stay tune to see the rest of our kitchen command center.  I never realized how much we needed something like this.  Every home needs a command center.  Where is it in your house?


We did actually end up adding a particle board backing to the frame to help keep the cork from falling apart and out of the frame.  We cut the board to the size of the opening in the back of the frame and then screwed in brackets to help keep it secure.  Ever since this modification, the cork board has been working great.  I love having it and have been using it to put different flyers for events coming up as well as some of Michael's artwork.