December 2018 Dinner Meal Plan

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Happy New Year!  We went pretty much the whole year sticking to the monthly meal plans.  It has helped us out so much financially and by making us eat healthier meals than what we would if we ate out all the time.  Here's our meal plan for the last month of 2018.

As I've said the past several months, having the meals written down in a central location so the whole family can see them is extremely helpful.  Want to make a dry erase calendar of your own?  Read my post DIY Dry Erase Calendar to learn how.  Below is the list of all the dinners planned.  If I have the recipe on the blog, there will be a link to that post.

Dinner plans for December 2018

1.  Went out to eat
2.  Went out to eat
3.  Went out to eat
4.  lasagna - This was a frozen lasagna, but I do have a homemade recipe here on the blog, Lillian's Lasagne.
5.  sloppy joes - These were made from a can, but I do have a homemade recipe here on the blog, Kathy's Sloppy Joes.
6.  pizza
7.  pork chops
8.  tacos
9.  chicken
10. chicken patty sandwiches
11. tacos
12. pork chops
13. spaghetti
14. BBQ Chicken - I just added some BBQ sauce and baked them, but I do have a slow cooker recipe on the blog, Crockpot BBQ Chicken.
15. pizza
16. left overs
17. pizza
18. Hamburger Helper
19. chicken
20. pork chops
21. spaghetti
22. Christmas dinner with Jon's family
23. left overs
24. Went out to eat
25. turkey - Merry Christmas
26. chicken quesadillas
27. pork chops
28. Went out to eat
29. left overs
30. left overs
31. Went out to eat

There you have it.  Hope this helps give you an idea of what to plan for your next dinner.  I try to make simple and fairly inexpensive meals because of being on a tight budget and I don't really like cooking all that much.  What are some of your go to recipes?  I'm always looking for new simple recipes to add to our rotation.