How to pass the time during a long car ride with a toddler

Even though we brought our portable DVD player and tons of Disney movies with us, I wanted to make sure that when Michael was awake he was preoccupied.  I ran across this idea on Pinterest on how to help with the long trip.

I bought items that were car trip friendly, Disney and/or Christmas themed.  I wrapped them up and then every hour I gave Michael a present to open.  He loved it and was asking for presents even before he was supposed to get one.

Before Jon started our trip after picking him up from work, we gave Michael his first gift.  His very own camera!  Little did we know when purchasing it, that there were games in the camera and he played with it almost the whole trip.

So, next time you've got a long trip for your next vacation try this out with your kids.  I'm sure they'll love just as much as Michael did.

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