Staying on Disney property

One of the first things you need to decide is where you are going to stay while on your Disney vacation.  For this trip, my mom and I had decided that we wanted to stay on Disney property.  All the other times we've been to Disney, we had stayed off property.

At first, I was set on staying at Disney's Art of Animation Resort in one of the Cars Family Suites because I knew Michael would get a kick out of staying there.  Once we got our quote for staying in that room for six nights, I started thinking that maybe we should stay elsewhere.  Even with it being off season, it was still a little too pricey.

We thought about staying at the resort Jon and I went to on our honeymoon, but then started thinking about differences between staying off and on Disney property.  We ended up deciding on staying at Disney's Pop Century Resort.

This was our room for the week.  Had everything that we needed; two beds, bathroom, and a fridge.  The only downside is that the beds are full.  Not a problem if you're a family of four with two of them being small kids, but when you have three adults and one kid - it's rather tight.

We were greeted with a Mickey made of towels on one of the beds.  It was the only towel character that we got that week, but I have heard some families receive more.

Mickey soap and shampoo!  Make sure to hide these if you want more.  Also pack up any shampoo that you brought with you.  One day we forgot to put away one of our bottles and did not get any new soap or shampoo.

One of the big reasons why we decided to go with Disney property was the fact that parking at all the parks is free.  That saves you $17.00 a day!  Since we went to the parks 6 days, it saved us a total of $102.00 just in parking fees.

Another service that you get while staying on Disney property is that you can use Disney transportation whenever while staying on property.  Even though we had a rental car, my mom did use this service.  She was rather impressed with it and is good to know about if you are with a group and only have one vehicle.

There are several other services that come with staying on Disney property, but it basically comes down to what you're looking for and willing to pay.  Just weigh the pros and cons, that's what we did.