Trying out two new recipes and not breaking the weekly budget - Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for January 23rd - 29th

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While I was sitting down making my grocery list and figure out what meals we would be making for the week, I decided to look through a recipe book from my church back home.  Jon and I decided on trying some new recipes for this week.  Here's the list of meals that we are going to be having:

  1. Chicken Enchilada (already had everything)
  2. Hot Dogs (already had the hot dogs)
  3. French Bread Pizza
  4. Wings (already have)
  5. One Dish Supper
  6. Lasagne
Once we figured out what we were going to have and needed, we headed off to Walmart.  The list was rather long.  Here's what we needed to get:
  • 2- 1 gallon distilled water  $0.88 x 2 = $1.76
  • a birthday card for my grandma  $4.34
  • Listerine  $5.97
  • kidney beans  $0.92
  • tomato soup  $0.80
  • can of tomatoes  $0.98
  • 2- 6oz cans of tomato paste  $0.68 x 2 = $1.36
  • Parmesan cheese  $2.98
  • 1lb shredded mozzarella cheese  $4.98
  • hot dogs buns  $1.28
  • pizza sauce  $0.98
  • loaf of French bread  $1.68, on sale for $1.00
  • loaf of whole wheat bread  $1.58
  • pizza blend shredded cheese  $2.48
Even though the list was long, a good bit of the items were under $1.00.  We ended up spending a total of $32.20.  Not too bad since we did get two items that were not grocery items.

We then headed to Wegmans, which was rather busy for a Friday afternoon.  Here's the long list that we had for Wegmans:
  • onion  $0.48
  • 3 potatoes  $2.84
  • 1lb Italian sausage  $5.71
  • lasagna noodles  $1.49
  • cottage cheese  $2.79
  • dozen eggs  $1.99
  • pepperoni  $2.49
  • potato chips  $2.50
  • OJ  $2.49
Amazingly, we spent $23.35 at Wegmans.  Since we generally have a $50 budget, we normally try and keep the spending at each store to $25 so we can stay within our budget.

Since we had a carry over from last week of $27.92, that bumped our budget up to $77.92.  We ended up spending a grand total of $55.55.  That made us under budget by $22.37.  I also earned $0.25 for the potatoes via Checkout 51, $0.25 for the OJ, and $0.25 for the lasagna noodles both via Ibotta.  I also uploaded the Walmart receipt to the Savings Catcher app.

What's your meal plans for the week?  I'm going to be making a meal that my mom used to make growing up and my best friend's mom's lasagna or lasagne as she had it on the recipe. I'll be posting these two recipes later so, stay tuned!

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