Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for January 16th - 22nd

meal planning, grocery shopping on a $50 weekly budget
We didn't end up doing our normal shopping on Friday because we were preparing for a new refrigerator.  Ended up having to send it back due to some damages in delivery.  So, our old fridge is sitting in the middle of our kitchen and we are waiting to hear about when our new fridge will be fixed and redelivered.  Since we didn't know when our fridge was being delivered, we tried to keep our old fridge as empty as possible.  I didn't really make a meal plan for the week, but ended up eating what we had left in the house.

Tuesday while Michael was at school, I went to Wegmans to get the essentials that we were running out of.  Here's the list:
  • gallon of whole milk  $3.49
  • OJ  $4.69
  • family pack of chicken breasts  $11.86 (in stand up freezer)
The family pack is 10 chicken breasts which made it $1.19 for each chicken breasts.  I spent a total of $20.54.

I didn't end up going to Walmart until today, Thursday, because of snow yesterday and not feeling the greatest.  I basically just got stuff for dinner tonight since tonight we'll be working on the meal plan for next week.  Here's what I purchased:
  • tissues  $5.87
  • 2L Coke  $1.48
  • extra large pepperoni pizza  $6.98
Yep, we are having pizza tonight!  If you know my family, you know it's not a shocker to have pizza every week.  Sometimes we have it more than once a week.  I spent a total of $14.89.

We had a carry over of $13.35 which brought the budget for this week to $63.35.  The grand total spent for this week was $35.43.  That made us under budget by $27.92!  With that amount leftover, I might end up possibly trying out a new recipe or two for our meal plans next week.

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