Packing for Walt Disney World

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I had started making my list in my head of things to pack for our trip to Walt Disney World months before we were leaving.  Since we were driving (Driving to Walt Disney World), we had to pack more than if we had flown.  I also wanted to try and make our spending to be as little as possible while on vacation.

packing for Disney, Walt Disney World vacation packing tips, Walt Disney World vacation,
One of the ways I saved on money, but had to pack, was buying glow wands and things that light up for the night shows.  I know that when I was a kid, I always wanted one of the many glowing items they would sale for the night time events.  This way he got to have something, but at a much cheaper price.  I found these items at Walmart and the Dollar Tree.  Each item was $1.00 or less!  Win, win for both Michael and Mom!

Another way that I saved us money was that I found Michael his own mouse ears at a consignment sale here in Northern Virginia for $2.00!  Another win for me!  Jon and I wore our bride and groom hats that we purchased on our honeymoon 10 years ago.

Since we were driving I had brought plenty of snacks for the trip, but also made sure to have plenty of snacks for while we were at the parks.  You're allowed to bring your own snacks to the parks and that will save you a lot of money by not having to buy a snack there.  I also had to bring all the gifts to keep Michael preoccupied on our trip (How to pass the time during a long car ride with a toddler).

Since we were going in December, I didn't think that we needed to pack like it was summer time.  I packed for Michael and I long sleeve t-shirts and pants.  Jon decided that since we were going to Florida, that he was going to pack, in addition to long sleeved shirts and pants, shorts.  Yeah, he packed like a girl!  Well, it ended up that the weather was a lot warmer than what I had planned, but not as unbearable as it is during the summer.

We also made sure to pack our ponchos, but still ended up buying a poncho while we were down there because I forgot to buy one for the stroller.  Bringing our own stroller saved us money and our sanity.

What are some special things that you purchase before your Disney trip to save on money?  I tried to think of everything that we could possibly need, but not take up too much room in the suitcase or car.