Eating well and having money leftover - meal plans and grocery trip for January 9th - 15th

I'm trying to give us even more meals we rotate through, but it's really hard when you're married to a man who doesn't like vegetables and is somewhat reluctant on trying new things.  While I was planning our dinners for the week, I was looking at my ever growing food boards on Pinterest.  I also was asking
Jon what he thought of the ideas.  Here's what I came up with for our dinner plans for the week:
  1. Pizza Casserole (carry over from last week)
  2. rotisserie chicken
  3. pot roast
  4. pizza
  5. tacos
  6. chicken alfredo (another carry over from last week)
As you can see, we didn't do that well with sticking to the plan.  Something we're going to try and work really hard on this year.  Here's the list we had to work with at Walmart:
  • 5 pack Kraft mac-n-cheese  $4.50
  • Lucky Charms  $3.28
  • Nesquik  $4.28
  • rotisserie chicken  $8.98, but rang up $4.98 (not in picture)
  • 2 liter Coke  $1.48 (not in picture)
  • 2lbs potato salad  $2.98
  • loaf of bread  $1.58 (not in picture)
  • frozen mixed veggies  $0.98
I think the reason for the chicken not ringing up what the price tag said was because we bought the Effortless Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal.  We ended up spending $24.84 at Walmart.  Pretty good for getting a meal that was already made!

We ended up going to Wegmans the following day.  Here's the list that Jon and Michael had to work with:
  • apple juice  $4.59
  • gallon of whole milk  $3.49
  • OJ  $4.69
  • 2 frozen pizzas  $2.49 and $4.49 (not in picture)
  • pot roast  $10.49
The reason for the two different prices in frozen pizzas is the pizza king, aka Jon, wanted to see what was the better deal taste wise.  We ended up spending $31.00 at Wegmans.

We had a carry over of $19.19 from last week which made the budget for the week $69.19.  The total that we spent was $55.84.  That made us under budget by $13.35!  That will be helpful next week since we're getting low on our chicken supply.  I also earned $2.00 for the Effortless Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal, $0.25 for the loaf of bread, $0.25 for the frozen mixed veggies, $0.25 for one of the frozen pizzas, and $0.25 for the gallon of milk through Ibotta.  What were your meal plans for the week?  How well did you do staying within your budget?

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