Nationals Play Park in the Dulles Town Center

At the end of June, the Dulles Town Centre retired the airport themed play area for a new Washington Nationals themed play area in the food court.  We actually checked out the new play area right when it

Michael actually loves the new play area, but he also loved the old one as well.  This play area seems to be larger than the old one, has cubbies under the seats, and the flooring is a lot more softer than the old one.

Every time we go to the mall, it is always packed with kids.  I kind of like it being in the food court area, that way Jon and I can eat while Michael plays.  The downside of it being in the food court is that Michael won't eat.  At least with the old play area, we could eat and then let him play as long as he wanted.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and haven't been to the new play area, go and check it out.  Is a nice play area something you look for in a mall?  I do now that I have Michael.  We love going to the Dulles Town Centre especially when the weather is bad to help wear him out.

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