Hadley's Park - Dulles, VA

I love living in Northern Virginia.  There's so many playgrounds and parks to take your children to.  This is such a blessing since I have such an active son.  A few Sundays ago we decided to check out a park we had
not been to, Hadley's Park (located at the intersection of Kent Drive and Dulles Center Blvd near the Dulles Town Center in Dulles, VA).
I was so impressed by the place as soon as we walked in.  The ground is nice, soft, and padded - a great thing to have at a playground with children possibly falling.  The equipment was made by Little Tykes, so you know that it was great quality.
Different things for the children to run around and play on.
I also love when I playground has some fun educational toys.  Michael was working on his counting.
Michael had so much running all over the place.  There were also some other children that he was having fun running around with.  That's another reason why we love having all the different playgrounds in the area - lots of new kids to play with!
He also had his main big kid to play with as well!  They were talking to each other on the "telephone".

It was a wonderful afternoon to play in the park.  There was a nice breeze blowing through the trees.  There's also a little soccer park right beside the playground so if you have older children, they can go over to the field and kick some soccer balls around.  If you live in the Northern Virginia area, definitely check out Hadley's Park.

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