We made it through potty training!

I've been meaning to sit down and write a follow up from my two other posts about starting potty training back in the end of May and beginning of June (Preparing to Potty Train and Week One of Potty Training).  At first I was worried that this was never going to happen because of him having so many accidents.

Around the middle of June we stopped with putting him in diapers when we went out of the house.  I just made sure, and still do, that I have an extra pair of underwear and pants in my purse.

At the beginning of July he just seemed to have given up on the excitement of the potty chart and getting treats.  He would tell us when he had to pee, but would run off and hide when he had to go number 2.  Then he ended up just doing number 2 in his diaper while he was sleeping.  Crazy how they can just change their bathroom patterns.

A few weeks ago we decided that if he would go number 2 in the toilet we would give him a reward of a diecast character from the movie Planes.  It seemed to work.  He's been telling us when he has to use the bathroom for both and has been accident free for about a week now.

I'm so glad that he's doing so well because school starts for him in two weeks.  We're going to have him in diapers while sleeping until they are dry.  I've read that some children take almost another year with night potty training.

What tips and tricks helped with potty training your little ones?

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