I hate it when I chicken out on things...

My husband finds it crazy that I love to watch all these shows that are about cooking, but I hate to cook.  We have Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Dinner: Impossible, and Restaurant: Impossible
set to record on our DVR at even given time.  I will also sit and watch other shows on the Food Network.  I just find them interesting and have learned some stuff from them at one point in time.

So since I love all these shows, it should be no surprise that I follow Chef Robert Irvine on twitter and Facebook.  Most of the time he will tweet about where he's going to next for taping of Restaurant: Impossible.

I was supper excited when I saw this tweet.  I've seen tweets about restaurants that were within driving distance, but were a little too long of a drive for us.  This was a little farther drive than what Jon drives to work everyday.  I looked up the address and we hoped in the car and made our way down there.  The shopping area was booming and was hard to find a parking spot.  Once we parked, we felt like we were on a stake out.
We're thinking this is where Tom and Taniya were working on carpentry and painting.  I thought that I saw Taniya in a car that drove past us, but was not sure about it.
We saw several cameramen and soundmen go into this outdoor eating area.  We thought that we would see Chef Robert walking towards this, but never saw him.  We knew they were filming in there because bright lights turned on in there.  Eventually a car pulled out from in front of that area so we pulled into that spot to try and catch something.
During all this time, Michael was not happy to be just sitting in a non-moving car.  He then proclaimed that he had to go to the bathroom.  So, Jon took him to a nearby store to potty.  Of course, that's when the excitement happened.
Yep, Chef Robert came out of that area they were recording in and sat down.  I was freaking out in my car.  I was thinking, "There's Chef Robert directly across from my car!"  I got out and tried to find Jon and Michael so we could all go and meet Chef Robert and get a picture.
By the time I found them and we got back, they were taping Chef Robert and the owners getting in his car.  Yep, I was too chicken to go up on my own and get a picture with him. 
We decided that since he was leaving that there was no reason to stay.  So, when we were leaving we actually held up Chef Robert's caravan.  We thought that we were in line to leave the shopping area.  We were actually behind his production crew vans and holding up Chef Robert from joining them.  We were wondering where they were going since it was opening night.
I later found out that this is what they were doing.  I guess we'll have to wait and see the show to find out why they went there.

I can't wait to see this episode.  Who knows, maybe you'll see Jon, Michael, and I in the background or at least my blue Hyundai Sonata!  Chef Robert has said that the episodes normally air eight weeks after they are filmed.  On the Food Network website, they have up to August 13th listed.

A month later, I am still kicking myself for not going up to him.  I'm just hoping that he'll be back in the area to help another failing restaurant.  How many of you would have had no problem walking up to him and asking to get a picture with him?
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