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2 Forks = I would eat there if I was starving.
3 Forks = Not bad; someplace I would occasionally consider eating.
4 Forks = A good place to eat; I will put it into my rotation of places I dine frequently.
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One caveat to note – I am allergic to fish and seafood, so if you are looking for those recommendations, you will have to consult someone else.

Because I have a daughter-in-law with Celiac and a really good friend who is Vegetarian, I will try to point out whether those options are present when I review a restaurant.

July 31, 2014 - Dinner

Nick Ryan’s

157 Jefferson St.
Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 233-7900
restaurant review in the Central KY of Nick Ryan's,

If you live in the Lexington, KY area and did not participate in last year’s Restaurant Week, you have another chance. Restaurant Week was created to bring traffic and interest to local dining establishments by offering $25 prix fixe menu specials and 2 for $25 dining offers during the dog days of summer when people are less likely to eat out. This year there are 60 participating restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual.

The restaurant week menu offering for Nick Ryan’s was a $25 prix fixe meal which included an appetizer, entrée with sides, and dessert. My husband and I split the meal. For our appetizer, we chose Chef Joe Hall’s Sweet and Hot chicken fingers served on white bread with dill pickles and tzatziki (cucumber) sauce. There were only 2 chicken fingers, one for each of us. They tasted fine, but if I had been more hungry, I would have been very disappointed in the portion size. My husband thought they were a little spicy. The entrée we chose was braised short ribs with veal demi glace, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables (sautéed squash). The short ribs were very tender, the mashed potatoes were plain, and only about ½ of the squash were cooked. I thought the short ribs could have used a little more flavor as the demi glace sauce was somewhat bland. For dessert, we chose the Kentucky pie sundae with salted bourbon caramel sauce with house made whipped cream and roasted chile pecans. The dessert tasted fine, but again the portion was very small – served in a highball glass.

Service was good, not excellent even though we arrived before the dinner rush. Our total with tax and tip was $31.00. Overall, the food was fine, but even if one person was eating this $25 meal, I felt that the portions were very small and not a good value. Note: Reservations are strongly suggested and can be made online. There is limited parking behind the restaurant and a free overflow lot one block north on Jefferson St.

Gluten Free Options – none advertised.

Vegetarian Options – the regular menu offers a few salads and a limited selection of meatless entrees.

For their full menu, check out their website:

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