Meal Plan Burn Out - July 25th - 31st

We have been doing really bad when it comes to staying with the meal plans the past few weeks.  There are just days that the meals that are planned on any given day are just too time consuming for me to make once Jon gets
home at around 7:30/8:00pm.  This past week was all messed up with Jon having his day off on Monday and working on Friday.  I ended up doing the grocery shopping early Saturday morning on my own.  I decided that I would just get items we needed and then during the week I would just go from there.  So, no meal plan for this week's post.

Since the list was rather small for Walmart and hardly any grocery items, I went to our local Walmart that's right around the corner.  Here's the list that I had and the prices for each item:
  • shaving cream  $2.74
  • stain stick  $2.87
  • pads  $3.97
  • 1 loaf of whole wheat bread  $1.58
Yep, that was the "big" list for Walmart.  I spent $11.77 and saved us some money by going to the one here in town.

It was nice being able to go straight to Wegmans after the Walmart trip.  Here's the list for Wegmans and the prices for each item:
  • 1 gallon of whole milk  $3.49
  • OJ  $2.49
  • 6lb Family Pack of ground beef  $16.74
  • Family Pack of chicken breasts  $11.62
  • Golden Delicious apples  $4.36
  • butter  $4.79
I decided that since I had most of the items for pretty much any meal, that I would make sure we had enough beef and chicken.  They didn't have their family pack of chicken individually sealed so I ended up vacuum sealing two breast together in the Ziploc freezer vacuum bags.  That way I can put them in the freezer and pull out two breast at a time.  The total spent at Wegmans was $44.58.

This week's budget was $57.30 due to the $7.30 carry over from last week.  The total spent was $56.35 which made us slightly under budget by $0.95!  Pretty good for spending almost $30 of the budget on meat.  I also earned $0.25 for the apples through Checkout 51 (click here for my how to for Checkout 51) and $0.25 for the milk through Ibotta (click here for my how to for Ibotta).

Next week will be a new month and hopefully we'll stick to a meal plan.  Maybe new recipes!  How's the meal planning and staying in budget going for you?  Tips or suggestions you'd like to share?

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