Eating Good and Staying Under Budget = Good a Thing, Meal Planning for July 4th - 10th

With it being a holiday weekend and having company over, Michael and I did our grocery shopping a day early.  I normally don't plan on meals when my Dad and step-mom come over, but I did plan one
meal.  So here's our rather short dinner meal plan for the week:
  1. BBQ pulled pork
  2. lasagna (carry over)
  3. spaghetti (already have everything)
  4. Spanish Rice (had everything but the onion and rice)
As always, we started our grocery shopping trip at Walmart.  Here's the list for Walmart and the item prices:
  • sugar  $2.18 x 2 = $4.36
  • BBQ sauce  $3.48
  • gallon of distilled water  $0.88
  • hamburger buns  $1.18 x 2 = $2.36
  • rice  $1.98
  • garlic bread sticks  $1.97
  • Clorox wipes  $2.48
  • shampoo  $2.97
  • suckers  2 for $1
  • tomato sauce  $0.50 x 2 = $1 and $0.78
I spent in total $23.46 at Walmart.  My goal was to spend no more than $25 there.  I bought the suckers because I needed Michael to be good at Wegmans and he had eaten the last sucker that I had in my purse while we were at Walmart.

We went strait to Wegmans to get the rest of the shopping done.  Here's the list for Wegmans and the item prices:
  • pork butt (roast)  $7.06
  • onions 2lb bag  $1.99
  • potato chips normally $2.50, on sale for $1.99 x 2 = $3.98
  • peanut butter  $2.79
  • OJ  $2.49
  • gallon whole milk  $3.49
  • banana  $1.37
I decided that since we seem to get at least one onion a week, I would just get a bag.  Plus my mom had brought me her onion keeper from Tupperware that she wasn't using anymore.  The total spent was $23.76.  Again under my $25 goal for Wegmans and I bought a pork roast!

The total amount spent was $47.22.  Making us under our $50 budget by $2.78.  When we got home, I earned $0.25 through Ibotta for the milk, $0.25 for the hamburger buns, and $0.50 for the bananas through Checkout 51.  Hope you all are enjoying the 4th of July weekend!
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