Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

photo from One Loudoun's Facebook page
Since my mom was still visiting on Jon and mine's actual anniversary, we were able to go and see a movie.  We decided that since it was a special day, we would try out something a little different.  We
went to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Ashburn, VA.  What's so different about this cinema compared to going to Regal or AMC?  You get to eat your meal while watching your movie!
Yep, no longer do you have to go to a restaurant before heading to see a movie.  Click here to see the menu for the Ashburn location.

When we walked in, we pretty much had no idea on what to do.  You get to pick your seating and can do that in advance by doing their reserve seating online.  The gentlemen at the front desk was very helpful and walked us through the whole process and made a suggestion on what the best seating would be in the theatre.  You'll want to get there at least 30 minutes before the movie is scheduled to start.  We got there a little earlier than that so we had to wait to get into the theatre.
If you're a drinker, they do have a bar that you can go to and do some drinking before hand.  They were having some type of event going on in the bar that night.

photo from One Loudoun's Facebook page
The inside of the theatre is different than a regular theatre.  There's a bar in front of your seat so you can eat your food.  You don't verbally tell the waiter what you want to eat, you write it down on a piece of paper and put it on the end of the bar.  You do this when you need a refill or anything else you might want during the movie.  The food was pretty good and prices are not too unreasonable.

The previews were completely different than those at any other theatre I've been too.  We saw Disney's Maleficent and they were showing clips from Sleeping Beauty and interviews about the making of Sleeping Beauty before the movie started.

I don't think I would go here all the time, tickets were a little more than other theatres.  It's a great place to go for a special occasion.  They are having a summer program for children were the movie ticket is free.  We've just been waiting for a movie that Michael might be interested in seeing to go.  If you have one nearby and haven't gone, I would definitely check them out for yourself.

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