Since Michael will be starting pre-school in a little over a month, I've been slowly preparing him as much as I can.  Last week Michael was playing with his alphabet train that he got from Santa his first
Christmas.  I decided to sit down and go over the alphabet with him, but make him think he was playing.

There's a book on the one side of the train with four slots to place blocks in around it.  What you're to do is to match up the blocks with what's on the pages you're looking at in the book.  We started with the letter A.  I had Michael look for the block that had the letter A on one side and a picture of an apple on the other side.  The color that the letter is in in the book is also the color of the block.  So not only is he learning the alphabet, he's learning his colors (A win-win for all parents!).

He had so much fun searching for the correct block.  Once he found the block, we placed it in the slot beside the matching letter and the train told him that he had put the letter A in.  We then flipped the block over to show the picture on the other side.  The train then told him that apple starts with A.

After he found all the letters, I handed back the blocks one at a time and told him the letter and had him repeat the letter.  He then put the block through the slot at the top of the train.  It then dropped the blocks into the cart behind.  I'm so glad that Santa bought this for him and that he's still enjoying it.  He's not only learning his ABCs, he's learning his colors, and some counting as well.

What educational toys have you used with your toddler to make learning fun?  I love getting Michael toys that help make learning fun.

If you want to get one of these Alphabet Trains for your own children, you can click on the link below.

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