Fourth of July 2014

I'm finally getting around to writing about our 4th of July.  This was actually the first year that we've participated in the activities here in Leesburg, VA.  Before we had Michael, we were not too big on going and seeing fireworks so we generally stayed home.  Sometimes, if the fireworks were high enough, you could see them from our deck.  The past two years we've been out of town for the 4th.

This year, we stayed home because we had company.  My dad and step-mom come and visit us during the summer and this year decided to come during 4th of July.  Since my dad and step-mom were in, my brother came over to spend time and celebrate.

We started the day off with the Leesburg 4th of July parade in the morning.  It was a lot bigger than the Christmas one, but still no high school marching bands.

Michael was more interested in the shrubs with Granddad and sometimes Daddy than watching the parade.  There were lots of Corvettes.  I bet if there were some marching bands in there, he might of paid more attention to the parade.

While we were at the parade, I had a pork roast with barbecue sauce cooking in the crock pot to make pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.  My step-mom had decided that we would stop at Red Hot & Blue and get some sides to go with the pulled pork.

We decided to take some selfies while waiting for them in the car.  Michael's offering you all a sucker!

For my first time attempting to make pulled pork it was rather delicious and the sides we got just added to the meal.  Since our bellies were full of barbecue, we just hung out in the house and my step-mom braved the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets.

Before we headed out to the fireworks, we stopped at a new burger joint (actually it's been in town for awhile, just new to us), BurgerFi.

We ate outside since the weather was nice and so Michael didn't bother anyone too much if he decided to do his high pitch squealing he does.  We all got some type of burger, except for my dad.  He got a Chicago dog.  I thought my burger was really good and we had more than enough fries for all six of us.

It was off to find parking and then a spot to see the fireworks.  We ended up not going to the park where the fireworks were being set off and parked farther down.  Ended up walking a little ways to a really good spot.  Had no idea it would be a good spot, but there were other people around so we stopped walking.

It was perfect weather for fireworks.  A nice breeze was going through trees and it was not overly hot.

I think Michael liked watching the fireworks with Uncle Chuck.  He actually got upset when Charles left to head back to his apartment.  How was your 4th of July?  Did you stay home or go out of town?

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