Week One of Potty Training

Since we have Michael enrolled for preschool in the Fall, we have to have him potty trained by then.  I've been told that for boys, around 3 years of age is when they are willing to be potty trained.  We were going to wait until after Michael's birthday in a week, but he really seemed like he was ready.  If you haven't read my post about getting prepared, you can click here.  My goal was to start last Sunday, but Michael decided that he wanted to start a day early!  We just used it for a test run.  We had decided that while he's in the house and up, he would be in his underwear.  When we are out of the house or he's asleep, he will be in diapers until we feel he's ready to be in his underwear full time.

The official first day was not very eventful.  The stars means that he went and sat on the toilet, but did nothing.  There were some accidents, which are to be expected when potty training.  We basically have been having him in a t-shirt and his underwear to make things a lot easier.  Just make sure to have several pairs of underwear readily available.

As you can see by the chart, Sunday and Monday were not very good days when it comes to potty training.  Probably shouldn't have started on a holiday weekend.  Tuesday I put a timer on my phone for every 15 minutes.  When the timer rang, I took Michael to the bathroom and had him sit on the toilet.  The first time that he did a number 1 in the toilet, I made a big fuss and let him pick out a Cars sticker to put on his chart.  He also got some M&Ms and called Daddy to tell him the news.

The next day, he even went number 2.  He was so proud.  We again, called Daddy to let him know the news.  Michael got to pick out a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sticker for that and was rewarded with a mini Reese cup.

He's been doing so well.  There's still some accidents, but not how they were at the beginning.  He was hating the being forced to sit on the toilet every 15 minutes so I stopped doing that.  We've been lucky that he's been pretty good at telling us he has to go.  We're still having him in a diaper while sleeping and when we are out of the house.  Those have been coming up mostly dry so maybe in a week or two we'll feel comfortable having him in his underwear at least when he's awake.

Any other mommies out there potty training?  If so, how are things going?  The key thing is to know that they are ready.  Michael had started showing signs that it was probably time.  I think if we had started a lot sooner, it would have been far worse.  Let me know what tricks you've been or have used for your potty training on my Facebook page, Gigglebox Tells it Like it is.

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