Eating good with a $50 weekly budget - Meal Planning June 13th - 19th

My mom and her dog, Lucky, left yesterday so, it's back to our weekly routine.  Since we have no plans of leaving this week, we had to plan for meals for
everyday.  Here's what we've decided on for this week:
  1. Pizza
  2. Steak
  3. Spaghetti (already have the noodles and sauce)
  4. Hamburgers
  5. Cheese Steaks
  6. Chicken Alfredo (already have the chicken)
This week, we went to both Wal-mart and Wegmans for our shopping.  Our total budget was a little over $54.00 (we had some money leftover after buying Father's Day cards).  Here's the shopping list with the prices for Wal-mart:
  • hamburger buns  $1.18
  • hoagie buns  $2.50
  • pizza sauce  $0.98
  • instant mashed potatoes  $1.98
  • alfredo sauce  $2.00
  • marinade seasoning  $0.98
  • Catalina dressing  $1.98
We were really quick on getting in and out at Wal-mart because Michael was having a meltdown the entire time we were there.  The total that we spent was $11.79.

Ended up taking Jon and Michael home so he could get a nap in and I headed on over to Wegmans to finish the shopping.  I'm rather enjoying going to Wegmans on my own and love that we are now paying for our groceries with cash.  Here's the list and the prices for Wegmans:
  • 1 lb of hamburger meat  $4.71
  • onions  $0.79
  • provolone cheese slices  $3.84
  • Steak-umms  $3.49
  • pizza dough  $2.49
  • shredded mozzarella cheese  $2.79
  • pepperoni  $2.29
  • fettuccine noodles  $0.99
  • steaks  $9.36
  • pie
  • gallon of whole milk  $3.49
  • OJ  $2.49
  • dozen eggs  $1.99
I had realized while at the store that we had forgot to put milk and OJ on the list.  I think it might have been because I had just bought them on Tuesday, but we go through a lot of both so I decided to add them to the list.  We had also used up almost all my eggs so I decided to buy some more.  Better safe than sorry!  I decided that $5 for a mini pie was too much for a craving that I had because of watching Master Chef.  The total amount spent at Wegmans was $39.89 and making us under our budget by $2.32.  Good thing I didn't buy that mini apple pie!

When I got home, I earned $0.25 for the dozen eggs through Checkout 51.  I would have also earned $0.25 for the milk through Ibotta, but I already used that offer on Tuesday.  I hope that this shows that you can still have some good foods and still stay within a small budget.  Hope all the dads out there have a great Father's Day.
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