Antonio's Italian Chophouse

Antonio's Italian Chophouse
709 Beechurst Avenue
Morgantown, WV  26505
(304) 241-1139

As I had mentioned in an earlier post (Our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration), we had our anniversary dinner a little early and in Morgantown, WV.  Since we were going to be without our toddler, Michael,
and celebrating such a milestone we wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner.  Since it had been 11 years since Jon had lived in Morgantown and 10 for me, we weren't sure about where to go for dinner.  Also when we lived there, we really couldn't afford to go to nice places so we never learned where they were.  Jon did some research and found nothing but great things about Antonio's Italian Chophouse.  So that is where we decided to go.

We thought that since it was a Saturday they would be open later than they actually were and we were lucky to be able to get down there with time to spare.  Everyone there was very nice.  They made sure to light the candle on our table for us.  I'm guessing our outfits kind of gave it away that we were there for something special.  We had the room to ourselves which was very nice.

The prices were actually not too bad with the choice of a half size for at least have of the meals.  You could also add items to the meal.  Click here to see their menu.
We were served a loaf of bread (we had already eaten about half of it before I decided to take pictures) with oil to dip it in.  We unfortunately only received one loaf because they were out.  We understood, what do you expect when you come at almost closing time and they are closed the next two days?  No need to fill up on bread anyway!
I had the Alfredo pasta and added a grilled chicken breast to it.  I probably should have gotten the half size for this because I didn't finish it all.  It was delicious.
Jon had the half size of the Chicken Parmigiano.  He didn't offer me a bite, but said it was very good.  It was also the right size for him because he ate it all.

We had an awesome waitress that even took several pictures of us together after we were done eating.

Antonio's had just celebrated their one year anniversary being in Morgantown.  I can see coming back for a celebration meal in the future.  So, if you're in Morgantown and need a nice place to go for lunch or dinner, check out Antonio's.

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