Our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

On June 12th we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Since we didn't have enough money to go all out for our anniversary, we decided that we would go back to the place it all began - Morgantown, WV.  The weekend
before our anniversary we had booked two rooms in Morgantown.  My mom met up with us to take care of Michael in their own room so that Jon and I could have some "us time".

When we got into Morgantown, we checked into our rooms and got settled in.  Mom decided that she wanted to just get a pizza for her and Michael to have for dinner.  So, Jon and I hopped in the car and drove down to our old stomping grounds of Papa John's.  So many memories of going there at midnight and picking up a pizza.
After delivering the pizza to Mom and Michael, we decided to go to the place that we met to get a picture.  We met at the Shop-n-Save in Westover, WV while we were going to college.  Jon was a stockperson and I worked there as a cashier for a second job during the summer.  It's no longer open, but the building and sign are still there.
After taking our picture (we put the camera on our car to take this photo), we went to the mall and just walked around before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  We went to a place that is rather new to Morgantown and completely knew to us, Antonio's Italian Chophouse (I'll be writing a post about that later).  After dinner we rented a movie through Redbox and watched it in our room.

The next day on our way home, we went to the downtown campus and wanted to have lunch at the Mountainlair.  Unfortunately they were closed so we just walked around and took pictures.  Michael loved it and said he wants to go there for college.  We ended up going to the mall and having lunch there.  Then we let Michael play in their kid area to try and tire him out before our trip home.

On our way out, we stopped at Cooper's Rock to get some pictures (I'll be writing a post about that later).  Reason for stopping there was that that's where Jon proposed to me eleven years ago.  We've been wanting to go back so that we could get some pictures, but have never been able to.  Michael ended up falling asleep before we got there so my mom stayed in our car with him while we went and got some pictures and walked around.

After that, we all headed to my brother's apartment for dinner and then headed to our house.  We had a good time and could not believe how much Morgantown has changed since we lived there ten years ago.

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