Cooper's Rock State Forest

Three weeks ago on our way home from Morgantown, WV and our wonderful 10th anniversary celebration (click here to read about what all we did), we stopped at Cooper's Rock.  We originally
wanted to have a picnic, but it had stormed earlier and looked like it could pour at any moment.

Cooper's Rock is a special place to Jon and I.  Almost eleven years ago, Jon and I had gone on a picnic while everyone else was in Morgantown at a home football game.  After we were done with eating, we went on a little walk where Jon got down on one knee to propose.  I knew that it was going to happen sometime during that weekend, but wasn't sure when.  I don't know why, but when he got down on one knee I just started laughing.  Then it hit me, I had to use the bathroom.  So instead of saying "yes", I said, "I have to pee.  I have to sit down or I'm going to pee my pants."  Nine months later, we were married and ten years later we still laugh about this story.

We've been wanting to go back to Cooper's Rock and have a picnic, but have never really had the time to stop.  We decided that it was a must even if it was raining.  Michael had fallen asleep on the way there so Mom stayed in the car with him while Jon and I went to take some pictures.

A lot has changed since we were there the last time or maybe I just don't remember much about what they had because of what had happened.  It's an awesome place to have picnics at and you can even set up camp.

This is what it looks like when you're driving in from the interstate.  Jon wanted me to take a picture of this so he can use it for his background picture on his computer.

The main open area has several picnic tables, pretty nice play area for the kids, and of course rocks for the kids to climb on.

There are working bathrooms for when you get proposed to and proclaim you have to pee instead of saying, "yes"!

There's also a place called Overlook Trading Post.  When we walked by it, we noticed that they actually sale food!  No need to actually pack that picnic if you don't want to or are driving through and want to stop for a rest.

They had this cool looking turtle that was made out of sticks, rocks, and moss.

There was also this cool bear made mostly out of sticks.

We went to the overlook to get some pictures and look at the beautiful scenery that my home state offers.

Hopefully in the future we'll be able to have that picnic and get some awesome family pictures taken.

Cooper's Rock is off of I68 outside of Morgantown, WV.  If you ever want to just see the beauty of West Virginia, stop at Cooper's Rock.