Tight budget = cheaper meals - Meal Planning May 16th - 22nd

I did the Meal Planning a few days before we got paid, but knew that it would be a little tighter than normal due to some financial changes.  So, all the meals are cheap and not carry overs.  Here's the list:
  1. chicken fajitas (already had the chicken and the fajitas kit)
  2. hamburgers
  3. hot dogs
  4. French bread pizza
  5. spaghetti
  6. alfredo

This week I had planned on getting the prices at each store for all the items, but we had a not so pleasant toddler and just wanted to get in and get out as fast as possible.  I'm thinking of going by myself next week so that I can do the actual comparison.  Here's the list we had for Walmart:
  • spaghetti sauce  $1.88
  • hamburger buns  $1.18
  • hot dogs  $2.98
  • hot dog buns  $1.18
  • alfredo sauce  $1.88
  • loaf of French bread  on sale for $1.00, normally $1.68
  • poster board  $0.33
  • stickers  $1.97 and $0.98
  • spray bottle  $0.98
  • gallon of distilled water  $0.88
  • apple juice  $2.48
  • green beans  $0.98
  • pizza sauce  $0.98

As you can see, we added some items while in the store (the ones in green).  Jon had forgotten that he needed distilled water for his C-pac machine, I had forgotten that we were almost out of apple juice for Michael, since they were out of green beans last week I got a can this week, and we noticed that the pizza sauce was cheaper at Walmart than at Wegmans.  The total spent at Walmart was $20.33.

Even though we had a cranky little boy, I wanted to get all the grocery shopping done.  So off to Wegmans we went.  Here's the list we had for Wegmans:
  • spaghetti noodles  $0.99
  • onion  $0.86
  • green pepper  $1.03
  • 1lb hamburger  $4.35
  • gallon of whole milk  $3.59
  • pizza sauce
  • mozzarella cheese  $2.79
  • potato chips  on sale for $1.99, normally $2.50
  • OJ  $2.49

The total spent at Wegmans was $18.55.  Making the shopping trip total $38.88.  The weekly budget was $40, making us under budget by $1.12!  We also earned $0.50 for the milk purchase through Ibotta.  How are you doing with meal planning and staying to the budget.  We don't find it hard staying to the budget anymore, it's the staying to the meal plan that we have a heard time with. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers