Simple Wedding Center Piece for Your Guest Tables

This coming June 12th will be mine and Jon's 10 year wedding anniversary.  So, over the next for weeks I'll be writing blogs about our wedding and what my mom and I did to try and keep costs down.  I'm going to start with the center pieces I made for our guest tables.  If Pinterest was around 10 years ago, who knows what I might of had for center pieces.

I bought several of these heart shaped glass dishes from Walmart.  At that time they were $0.99, but I think they are selling for $1.50 now.  I wrapped flower garland that I bought from Michaels around the dish and cut down to size.  I had the leaves tucked under the dish so the flowers would not move once they were set on the tables.

Our colors were green and purple (both of our favorite colors).  I didn't want to have clear water in the dish so we put grape Kool-Aid in with the water.  At that time, Kool-Aid didn't have any green colored drinks or I would have used that as well.

I had found some green and purple floating candles at Michaels that we actually lit for ambiance.  I wanted more than just plan floating candles.  I found these little green and purple flowers at, I believe, Walmart.  These candles were not lit because of the size, they probably would have been gone by the time everyone got to the reception.  This is were having green colored water would have made it even better.  I rotated between the tables on which got green candles and which got purple.  The water would have been green with the purple candles. 

Around the center pieces, I placed the CD wedding favors that Jon and I made.  I'll write a post about that later on.

I don't remember how many tables we had, but we had two regular floating candles and two flower floating candles in each heart shaped dish.
Hope this gives you some ideas on how to make a nice looking center piece without breaking the bank. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers