Bike Riding on the W&OD Trail

It had been several years since we road our bikes on the W&OD Trail.  Since Saturday the weather was just right to go biking, we packed up the Mazda with the two bikes and the bike trailer and Michael and I piled into the Sonata.  Yeah, we had to take two cars.
Yeah, no room in that car for Michael!
The W&OD Trail is part of the 100-foot-wide Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park and has a 45-mile asphalt trail that can be used for walking, running, and bicycling.  There's also a 30.5-mile gravel path that's parallel to the asphalt trail for horseback riding and hiking.  Above is a map that shows how far the trail reaches (for a more interactive map, click here).  It goes from Purcellville, VA all the way to Arlington, VA.  For more information about the trail, you can click here to go to the W&OD Trail's website.

On this trip, we drove to the Sterling/ Pacific Boulevard access point to the trail.
As you can see, there's a nice parking lot all in its own little world.  Since we were taking two cars, we decided we had to go to a place that had lots of parking.  Where we used to go was just enough room for a small amount of cars and right off of the road.
Since Michael is still working on riding his trike, we have a nice little bike trailer for him to sit in and enjoy the ride.  We love this.  In the back, there's room to store things that you need for you ride.  Inside with Michael, there's enough room for two toddlers and each side has a little holder to put a water bottle in.
We hooked the trailer to my bike, a Trek.  I bought this bike about four years ago because my bike that I had back in school was rusting really bad.
Jon road his Huffy that he's had since Jr High School.
On this trip, we decided that we would travel towards Leesburg.  Only made it for about 2 miles before deciding to head back to the cars. 
On this trip, we ran across this awesome resting spot.
There was this pretty cool stretching post.  Always stretch before biking, running, and even walking.
I really liked the fact that they had this.  Would really stink to have your tires loosing air in the middle of nowhere.

If you living in Northern Virginia and love to go biking, this is the best place to go to.  I know that on one of our trips in the past, we ran across a BBQ joint that you could stop at and eat.  They used to have vending machines on the trail, but looks like they have been removed.  I'm sure that we will be making more trips in the future.  It's crazy how you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, but you're actually riding through these rather busy cities.
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