How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Apartment

Helping my brother move into his new apartment.

This past week, my brother moved out of his three bedroom apartment because all his roommates were moving and moved into a rather decent sized one bedroom apartment.  So, what does one do when they move into a new place?  Well, in my brother's case, he calls his sister to come over and help arrange his furniture.  I decided to bring Jon and Michael with me.  I figured that Michael would love to have some fun with Uncle Chuck and Jon could help with all the techy stuff.

Here's what the place looked like when we got there:
This is the view from his front door.
The view from the one end of the living room.
A little better view of his living room.
This is the right side of his bedroom from his door.
The left side of his room.  I was in the little nook area of his bedroom when I took this picture.
His small bathroom is accessible from his bedroom.

As I said, this is a decent sized one bedroom apartment.  I mean, his bedroom is a little larger than our master bedroom!  A major upgrade from his past two apartments that he's had.  After he gave us the tour, my mind started thinking of how to layout  the rooms.  So, while Charles went to get the pizza he ordered for lunch (our payment for our help), Jon and I went to work on his bedroom.  I, with the help of Jon in some cases, moved furniture around and Jon worked on setting up his printer and whatever wire management needed to be done around Charles' desk.  Here's what his bedroom looked like when we left:
I thought that the little nook area made the perfect office area and once Charles puts all his books in his shelves, it will look awesome!  He requested us not to move the bed and I think it's in a good spot.  All I did with his bathroom was add a rug that my brother already had.

Once he got back with the pizza we ate, watched Disney Junior, and basically discussed on how would be the best way to layout the living room.  The apartment has baseboard heating so we had to try and keep furniture as far away from them as possible.  Not a problem in the bedroom because of it being so big, but the living room was almost completely covered with base board heating.  Here's what we came up with for the living/kitchen area:
I think it looks great and Charles seems really happy with it.  I did recommend that if he wanted to have a table and chairs in the area behind the love seat, that a fold able set.  That way if he's not using it he could fold them up and store them in the closet, but has it for when he needs it.  So with that all being done, it was squirt gun fighting time!

Once he gets all his stuff put away, I think this place will work great for him.  Hope this might help you out with some ideas to arrange your furniture in your place. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers