I love getting creative when giving gifts...

Last year, I was invited to two baby showers of some friends who were both having girls.  I had been searching on Pinterest for some neat and different ideas to "jazz" up my gifts.  I ran across the idea of making Diaper Babies.  So simple and cute.  Both girls absolutely loved them.

You use newborn sized diapers and roll them up, swaddle them with baby washcloths, put 0-6 month size socks on the top as the hat, and glue on googlie eyes.  Simple as can be and so very cute.

The diaper babies with all the other baby essentials.

A few months after the baby showers, my cousin had a bridal shower.  I again looked all over Pinterest to get ideas.  I wanted to do this with the items I had gotten off her registry:
I had such a hard time trying to get it to look anything like it, that I ended up having her gift look like this:
Which I think really looks a whole lot better.

I always try to make my gifts look like art instead of just throwing them in a bag or wrapping them up with wrapping paper.  Presentation is everything.
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