Baby Registry Must Haves for First Time Moms

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I know several first time mommies-to-be and thought that I would share about the things that I've found helpful to have on the baby registry.  When I was pregnant with Michael, I registered at Babies R Us, Walmart, Target, and JC Penney.  That way all mine and Jon's family members had at least one or two stores they could choose from.

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You can put clothes on there, but not everyone buys clothes off the registry.  I got lots of monkey clothing and had hardly any monkey clothing on my list.  It was very telling though, I did end up with a monkey!  Nothing wrong with putting the nursery bedding on there, just make sure that it's not going to be discontinued.  That's what happened with us.  We had picked the Classic Winnie the Pooh at Babies R Us and when we went in two months later to order our furniture, the whole nursery theme was on clearance.

This is the type of travel system stroller that we had on our registry and bought with a gift card (Safety 1st Sleekride LX Travel System).  We used the car seat for 13 months before getting Michael his current car seats, laws have changed and now the baby has to be face backwards until 2 years.  The car seat we had would have worked until he was 40lbs.  The system comes with everything seen here.  So if you're like us, you'll need to buy another base for the other car.  We still use the stroller - lot's of storage room in the bottom!  Of course, there are lots of companies that have this same type of system.  Just pick which works best for you.  Test the strollers out in the store and do your research.

This is the type of pack-n-play that my mom bought us (Graco Pack 'n Play Element Playard).  She figured that she would buy it so that we had something for Michael to sleep in when we would visit her.  We used our pack-n-play all the time.  We live in a three story townhouse and the pack-n-play was left on the main floor.  That way I could just put him down for a nap and not have to worry about him being in his crib on a floor I wasn't on.  We also loved having the little changing table.  We were able to use the pack-n-play until Michael turned 1 1/2 because he figured out how to climb out of it.

This (Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy) is like the baby bouncer that we had on our registry and my sister-in-law bought for us (Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Bouncer).  I would say these are a hit and miss.  Michael absolutely hated his, but I know several babies that love them.  They are nice to have so that the baby can be sitting in something while you're working on stuff or having a meal at home.

This (Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing) is like the swing we had on the registry and bought with some of the money we got at my baby shower (Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing).  Once we figured out how to use it, Michael fell asleep many times in it.  I believe a swing is a must have.  The rocking sensation really helps make a screaming, crying baby turn into a quiet, sleeping baby.  There are several other styles of swings.  My mom has a travel style swing and Michael loved that.  My mother-in-law didn't have a swing, but a cradle style that gave the sensation of being in a swing or riding in a car.

Of course your baby's not going to be able to use this right off like the other items, but I wish that we had this a lot sooner.  This is the newer version of what Michael got for his first Christmas (Baby Einstein Activity Jumper).  This helped keep him entertained for hours!  My mom has a different kind and Michael loved that one just as much as his Baby Einstein.

This is like the walker we had on our registry and got at our baby shower (Disney Music & Lights Walker Branchin' Out).  Michael never really "walked" in it.  We basically used it for a seat in the living room while watching Sesame Street or Blues Clues.  The little activity stuff can be pushed to the side so you can use the tray for snacks or toys.  You could probably be fine if you didn't put on your registry, but I liked having it.  Just keep a closer eye on the baby once their feet can touch the floor.

I think I had something like this on our registry, but received some other activity blankets so never bought something like this (Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Gym).  Wish that I had though, I think Michael would have loved this better than what he had.  There's more to do and more things to actively go after.

These (Diaper Genie Playtex Expressions Customizable Pail) are the newer version of what we had on the registry and bought it with gift cards that I got (Playtex Diaper Genie Elite).  I loved having it in the nursery that I bought a used one at a consignment sale a few months after having Michael.  Like I said, we live in a three story townhouse and when you've got a stinky diaper you can't just put it in the trash can in the kitchen or the bathroom.  We have one on the main floor as well as in Michael's room.

Baby monitors are a must.  We still use ours and Michael will be 3 in a few weeks!  This is the newer version of the one we had on our registry and bought with a gift card (Graco Imonitor Vibe Digital Baby Monitor- 2 Parent Units).  We decided to go with this style because with Jon being the techy that he is, he knew that the camera monitors are not the safest.  That was even before the recent reports of people hacking into the monitors.  Yes, it would be nice to be able to see what Michael was doing in his room, but I would rather him and us be safe.  I pretty much know the sounds of Michael climbing his furniture and jumping in his bed.  No need to see what I can hear.

Hope this gives you some ideas on items to have on your registry.  Don't forget to put bottles, a diaper bag, feeding items (they'll be eating solids before you know it and you'll want to be ready), any baby toys that you may think the baby will like.  One thing that I tried to keep in mind is that not everyone can afford the same things.  Try to have several cheaper priced items as well as those large ticketed items.  Make sure to do your research because these items will be for your new little bundle of joy and you want to make sure they are safe.  Just have fun!



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