Lunch Meal Plans

Ever since I started writing about our weekly meal plans, I've been asked about what we do for lunches.  Here's what Michael and I had for lunch today:

He had a peanut butter sandwich, fruit gummies, Gold fish crackers, and apple juice.  This is his normal lunch.  Every once and a while I might make some Kraft mac-n-cheese, but generally this is his lunch for the week.
I had leftover Pizza Casserole and cranberry apple juice.  My lunches are normally left overs, sandwiches, or I'll make spaghetti.

My husband is the one that we normally plan lunches for.  Over the weekend, my husband had visited his grandparents.  They bought him his favorite potato chips (Wise BBQ chips) and garlic bologna.  Since they provided him with some of his favorites, he has been taking garlic bologna sandwiches to work with his potato chips.  Sometimes he does take left overs.

I hope this helps with lunch ideas.  What do you all normally do for lunches?  When I used to work, I tried to bring left overs.  Sometimes I brought frozen meals, but I will admit that I was bad a lot of the time and went through fast food.
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