How to clean a camera

A few days ago a friend of mine had posted this question on facebook, "How can I clean my camera?"  My husband had recommended using a screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth.  Little did I know that I would actually need to use his advice.

Michael seems to have taken a love of photography.  He likes to steal my camera and take pictures of everything.  For almost being 3, he can get some pretty good pictures.
Most of the time him using my camera is not a problem, but since Sunday was Easter he's been eating lots of candy.  Yesterday, he was eating one of the suckers he got from the Easter bunny so his hands were really sticky.
This morning I decided to take Jon's advice and clean my camera, Flip camera, and cell phone (yep, Michael got a hold of them all yesterday).  I took the microfiber cloth that came with the Monster Screencleaner and sprayed the cleaner on the cloth.  Never spray the camera, always spray the cloth.  Then you just rub the cloth on the camera until it's clean.  It really worked.  My camera is not sticky.  Try it out for yourself.
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