Car Emergency Kit

Everyone needs to have some type of emergency kit in their car.  I had pinned this idea on Pinterest (Rips in My Jeans and One Good Thing by Jillee) and decided that I would make a kit for each of our cars and one for my mom and brother's as part of their Christmas gift last year.

I took these two ideas, combined them, and geared them to my family needs.  Since I had a child still in diapers, I had several empty wipe containers so no extra cost there.  Most of the items were purchased at Target, some at Walmart, and at a reasonable price.

Here's the list of everything that I put in and with some finagling, I did fit them all in.
  • two 1 gallon bags
  • travel first aid kit
  • antiseptic wash
  • additional band-aids - I ended up putting them loose instead of keeping in the box to help fit everything in the wipe container
  • lotion - travel size
  • anti-bacterial gel - travel size
  • mini flashlight
  • small travel pack of wipes
  • travel pack of tissues
  • little tin of mints
  • a pen
  • pad of paper
  • travel toothbrush
  • travel toothpaste
  • scissors           
I actually had to open the one in my car up a few weeks ago to get a band-aid for my son.  I like the idea of knowing I have stuff in the car if anything should happen while on a trip or not at home.  If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers



  1. If we are going on an extended trip or through some extra cold weather we should amend our Emergency Kits with a few extra items which include a basic set of tools, a coolant hose repair kit, duck tape, extra change of clothes you don't mind messing up and water. It is my routine to keep emergency kit with me.