Baby Proofing - part 1

Since September is Baby Safety Month, I thought that I would write about all the ways that we have baby proofed our 3-story townhouse.  We have started referring to baby proofing as Michael proofing because we've had to do more than some of our friends and family have done.  Michael has always been a very inquisitive little boy.  Always wanting to get into things and see how they work.  Over the past year, he has also become a climber.

When we first started looking into baby proofing, we went to Babies R Us.  I was surprised at what all they had.  Over the year and a half of Michael proofing, we have bought mostly all of the items from Babies R Us.  Their selection is so much better than any home store out there.

Since we have been Michael proofing our house for over a year now and our house is 3-stories, I'm going to probably do this as three different posts.  One post for each level of the house.

The playroom or "basement area" is not really a true basement since it's not underground.  It leads out to the garage and the backyard.  We have a bump out area that we use as a spare bedroom when needed, but mostly is were both mine and my husband's desks and computers are.  We didn't want Michael to be able to get into our desks or mess with our computers as well as escape through the doggie door that went out into the backyard.  So, we bought the Summer Infant Sure and Secure Custom-Fit Gate.  It allowed us to have a gate the size that we needed it to be and have a door to open for when our dog needed to go out to the bathroom.  We absolutely love it.

We also covered all the outlets that were not already covered by furniture with Safety 1st Press n' Pull Plug Protectors.  Michael hasn't bothered with them that much in his playroom, but does know how to remove them.  We've also used furniture/TV straps that we found at Walmart that are mounted to the wall to make sure that the TV and TV stand does not fall if Michael tries to climb it.  (I don't remember the brand or the name of it or I would link it.)  In the actual play area, there are four doors.  One door leads out to the garage, another is a storage closet, another is the utility closet, and the forth is the half bath.  We purchased Safety 1st Twist & Grip Knob Covers to try and prevent Michael from opening them.  Here lately, he has figured out how to take them off of the door knob and open doors, but has left the doors on this floor alone.

When Michael was smaller, we did put a plastic gate at the landing of the stairs so that he wouldn't climb the stairs and then possibly fall down them.  The plastic gate doesn't work for him anymore.  He knows how to take it down so, we don't put it up.  He's great at walking up and down stairs so we haven't had any problems with him falling.
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