Baby Proofing - part 2

As promised - this is part two of three.  So, I told you about how we baby, "Michael", proofed the play room, now I'll tell you about the main floor.  This floor is the floor that has the most baby proofing.  This floor holds the living room, dinning room, and kitchen.

Since we live in a three story townhouse, there are a lot of stairs.  All three sets of stairs all make their way to the main floor so gates where a must.  We first started putting gates at the top of the stairs going down to the entrance and the playroom.  Once Michael started crawling, we put a gate at the bottom of the stairs going up to the third floor.  We actually are using two different types of gates.  We originally used the Summer Infant Multi Use Gate for both of the stairs, but have since moved one of them else where in the house.  We now use the Summer Infant Stylish & Secure Deluxe Top of Stairs Gate with Dual Banister Kit for the entrance stairs and the stairs going to the third floor.  What we love about this gate is not only that we didn't have to drill our banister, but that you can just take the gate off to be able to bring in larger items up the stairs.

Summer Infant Multi Use Gate
.Summer Infant Stylish & Secure Deluxe

Just like the play room, we covered all the outlets that where exposed with Safety 1st Press n' Pull Plug Protectors. For the coat closet and the half bath doors, we used Safety 1st Twist & Grip Knob Covers to prevent him from getting into them. He has recently learned how to take them off, but has left the closet alone and doesn't bother the half bath that much.  We have two DVD storage units that have doors on them.  One has two doors that have the knobs beside each other so we are using the Safety 1st Secure Tech Cabinet Lock.  The other one has just one door so we're using the Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Latch.

The kitchen is the room that probably has the most "Micheal proofing" and it should, it is one of the most dangerous rooms in a house.  For all of the lower cabinets and drawers, we use Safety 1st Complete Magnetic Locking System 8 locks 1 key.  The only way that they can be opened is with the magnet key.  Michael has tried to open them with the letter magnets with not luck.  We have a lazy susan that the magnetic locking system doesn't work with.  For that we use the Lazy Susan Cabinet Lock by Safety 1st.  Michael, however, figured out how to open it within a few weeks of it being installed.  For our oven/range we are using Safety 1st Oven Front Lock so that he can't open the oven and Safety 1st 5-Pack Clearview Stove Knob Covers to discourage him from messing with the knobs.  The last thing that needed to be "Michael proofed" was the fridge.  For that we use the Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Latch.

The only problem that we have is that Michael will sometimes climb up on to the counter, but not that often to make it worth putting locks on the upper cabinets. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers