Do It Yourself Tacos

making homemade tacos,
Yesterday when planning out our weekly meal plan, my husband and I decided we wanted to do something different with the hamburger meat that was already in our fridge.  I think it was intended to be used for Hamburger Helper, but we wanted something else and different.  Jon had suggested we make tacos with it.  I was shocked that he even suggested it since he's not a big taco fan, but that is what he wanted.

One of my friends started a blog of her own (~The Kitchen Wife~) and has been sharing some great recipes and kitchen tips.  I was supper excited when Jon said he wanted tacos because Mandee had written a post about making your own Mexican seasoning and your own taco kit, Pantry Cooking for Pantry Staples Take Two...TACO NIGHT! (this post is no longer available, check out Mandee's new post Perfect Homemade Taco Seasoning).

So, we already had the meat and Mexican shredded cheese and some of the spices for the Mexican seasoning.  I was a little surprised at the cost of some of the spices.  I'm sure I'll have them for a while, but will be doing some searching for some place cheaper to purchase them in the future.  In Mandee's post, she shows how to make your own hard taco shells, but Jon's not a fan of the hard shells so we just went with soft tacos.

When making the seasoning, I was supper excited, think I might even did a little dancing, because of the smells that were being created in my kitchen.  According to Chef Robert Irvine, cooking is supposed to make you dance.  The seasoning smelled so much better than what you get in a taco kit.  Let me tell you, it tasted better as well!

We had salsa already (really want to learn how to make our own) and bought some more chips to add to the meal.  Plus Michael right now will only eat chips and salsa.  Jon added some chopped onion and Frank's hot sauce to his tacos and was very pleased with the meal.  He couldn't even finish his last taco!

It was also extremely easy and fast to make, especially since we stayed with the soft tacos.  Try it out yourself and definitely check out Mandee's blog.  I'm sure I'll post about some of my tries with her recipes.  



  1. So glad you liked the seasoning! I know some of the spices were expensive, but you will use them a lot! Homemade salsa is so good. I will do a blog on it soon! Thanks for the shout out too!

  2. Yes, looking forward to using it on some chicken breasts later this week! I'm sure homemade salsa is so much better than the stuff in the can. We've been wanting to try it out. Looking forward to the post! No problem - only recommend things and people I believe in. Keep on blogging!