Whole month of staying under budget is a great thing! - Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for Oct. 31st - Nov. 6th

With last Friday being Halloween, we ended up starting our grocery trip on Sunday and Michael & I finished it on Monday.  I came up with the meal plan on Sunday morning while Jon was working on his car.  Here's the plan that I came up with:

  1. hot dogs (already had the hot dogs and buns)
  2. Spanish Rice (already had the hamburger)
  3. cheese steaks
  4. spaghetti (already had the sauce)
Our list for Walmart was still rather long.  Here's what we had to buy:
  • Mickey shaped cheese
  • tomato sauce  $0.50 x 2 = $1.00 $0.88
  • rice  $1.98
  • hoagie buns  $2.78
  • garlic breadsticks  $2.42
  • Kool-Aid  $0.20 x 8 = $1.60
  • ice cream  $3.98 $3.87
  • loaf of bread  $1.38
  • cereal  $3.98
We ended up not getting the Mickey shaped cheese because they were completely out.  Michael was rather upset, he loves eating that for lunch.  The total spent at Walmart was $24.46.

Because we went to Walmart rather late on Sunday and Michael hadn't taken a nap, we left the Wegmans shopping for the next morning.  Here's the list Michael and I had to shop for:
  • apple juice  $5.49
  • provolone cheese  $3.76
  • green pepper  $0.65
  • onion  $1.18
  • pop tarts  $2.50 normally $2.89 on sale 2/$5
  • Steak-umms  $3.49
  • spaghetti  $0.99
  • OJ  $2.49
  • gallon of milk  $3.49
  • potato chips  $2.50
The total amount spent at Wegmans was $27.21.  With the carry over of $11.56 from last week, the new weekly budget was $61.56.  We ended up spend in total $51.67, making us under budget by $9.89.  That's a whole month of staying under budget!  Just wish we could say that we actually did a whole month of staying on our meal plan.  I also earned $0.25 for the gallon of milk, $0.25 for the ice cream, $0.25 for the loaf of bread, $0.25 for the cereal all through Ibotta, and $1.10 back through the Savings Catcher with Walmart.

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