When your 3 year old asks to go to church...

You GO to church!

Two Saturdays ago, Michael had asked both Jon and I if we could go to church the next morning.  We were shocked that a) he knew the next day was Sunday and b) he knew you went to church on Sunday.  Jon and I both grew up
going to church every Sunday, but as adults we've kind of stopped going.  When we moved to Leesburg we found a great church to go to, but hardly ever went.  Once we had Michael, it was hard to go because he didn't want us to leave him.  Now that he's been going to school it's a lot easier.  I'm happy to say that we have gone the past two Sundays.  Michael loves it and I think when he gets old enough to go to children church, he'll love it even more.  Just thought I would share this little story.

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