Providing a week of snacks for school can hurt the budget - Meal Plan and Grocery Trip for September 28th thru October 4th

meal plans, grocery budget of $50.00 a week,
Because of doing the snacks for this week of school, I couldn't wait to do the shopping on Monday like I have been doing.  So, even though I was sick, we all went and did our shopping on Saturday.  Here's the dinner plans for the week as well as what the kids got for their snacks:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Steaks Pork Chops Rice Chicken Burritos Nothing Planned Nothing Planned Nothing Planned

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
chocolate milk
mini blueberry muffins
Mickey cheese
Ritz crackers
apple juice
animal crackers

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Here's the list we had for Walmart:

Items Prices
2- 1 gallon water $0.88 x 2 = $1.76
6 cans of soup $1.00 x 6 = $6.00
2 small cans of tomato sauce $0.42 x 2 = $0.84
can of tomato sauce $0.88
vanilla frosting $1.48
cupcake wrappers $1.48
cake mix $1.12
Ritz Fresh Stacks $2.50
fruit gummies $2.00
cups $2.58
Clorox wipes $3.97
zinc lozenges $3.00
animal crackers $2.48
hoagies $2.78
3 bags of Mickey cheese $2.17 x 3 = $6.51
paper towels $5.47

We ended up spending $46.37 at Walmart, off to Wegmans.

Here's the list for Wegmans:

Items Prices
mini blueberry muffins $6.00
gallon of chocolate milk $3.89
gallon of 1% milk $2.69
OJ $2.49
gallon of whole milk $2.69
2 bags of pepperoni $2.39 x 2 = $4.78
chicken Steak-umms $3.19
apple juice $4.99
pop tarts $2.89 on sale for $2.50
pretzels $2.99
popcorn $3.79
onion $1.13
green pepper $0.82

We spent $43.00 at Wegmans which made the grand total $89.37.  Yep, majorly over our $50 budget by $39.37.  The amount spent on things for snacks this week was $58.48 before tax.  I received $0.50 for the Ritz and $0.01 for each of the cans of soup as well as the fruit gummies through the Walmart Savings Catcher app.