Back at being under budget - Meal Plan and Grocery Trip for September 14th - 20th

meal plans, grocery budget of $25.00 a week,
With my mom leaving on Monday and Michael being sick on Tuesday, I didn't get to my grocery shopping until yesterday (Wednesday).  Luckily, we had everything we needed for our dinners the other two nights.  Here's the meal plans I came up with on Monday:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Tacos Pizza Casserole Chicken Nuggets Steaks Pizza BBQ Pork Chops Left Overs

We did a carry over of the Pizza Casserole from last week's meal plan.  We already had all the meats needed for all the meals and most of the other items.  Here's what I had on the list for Walmart:

Items Prices
shredded mozzarella cheese $2.47
French fries $1.25
pizza sauce $0.98
honey BBQ sauce $3.48
gallon distilled water $0.88

Pretty simple and was an easy in and out.  I spent $9.06.  Here's what I had for Wegmans:

Items Prices
gallon of whole milk $2.99
OJ $2.49
dozen eggs $2.49
pepperoni $2.39
pizza dough $2.49

Another simple in and out trip.  I spent $13.17, which made the grand total $22.23.  Since we again had a budget of $25.00 to work with, we were under budget by $2.77.  I also earned $0.20 for the purchase of milk and $0.20 for the purchase of the BBQ sauce with Ibotta.  Only one more week of $25.00 budgets and we'll be back to our normal $50.00 weekly budget.  Also, I'll be doing a monthly recap of our meal plans for the month of September at the beginning of October.