Just a few cents over budget, pretty good week - Meal Plan and Grocery Trip for September 21st - 27th

meal plans, grocery budget of $50.00 a week,
After doing the grocery shopping on Monday, I got sick and am just now starting to somewhat feel better.  Thankfully I had planned fairly simple and easy meals on Monday and Jon was able to make them when he came home from work.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Hamburger Helper
Chicken Alfredo
Nothing Planned Left Overs

Our last week of having a weekly budget of $25.  We already had a majority of the items needed for the dinner plans.  Here's the list for Walmart:

Items Prices
spaghetti sauce $1.98
Alfredo sauce $1.98
hamburger buns $1.28
shredded mozzarella $2.47
3 steam able pasta packs $1.84 x 3 = $5.52

I didn't have the steam able packs on my list, but thought that maybe Michael might eat them since they were shaped like his favorite Disney characters.  I spent $13.56.  Here's the list for Wegmans:

Items Prices
OJ $2.49
apple juice $4.99
red onion $1.45
pizza dough $2.49

I spent $11.71 which made the grand total spent on this week's grocery trip $25.27.  Yep, went over by $0.27!  Not too bad.  I did earn $0.58 back through the Walmart Savings Catcher app for the spaghetti and Alfredo sauces.  Next week we'll be back to our $50 weekly budget.