Meal Plan and Grocery Trip - Beach Edition

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Having a vacation on the beach and staying at a place that has a kitchen can help save you money when it comes to food.  We decided that we would buy most of the food here in Virginia and bring it down with us.  I think the next time we go down, we'll do our shopping when we get there.  Here's the meal plans that we had:

  1. Tacos
  2. Pizza
  3. Spaghetti
Because I didn't want to take away from our supply at home, our list was rather long.  Here's the list for Walmart and Wegmans:

hoagie rolls $2.78 pepperoni $2.39
marshmallows $1.38 6" tortilla shells $0.99
fritos $2.68 8" tortilla shells $1.49
garlic breadsticks $2.00 6pk Mt Dew $3.49
2 shredded pizza style cheese $2.34 x 2 = $4.68 6pk Dr Pepper $3.49
gold fish crackers $2.98 pretzels $2.99
graham crackers $2.98 tortilla chips $2.99
Ritz bits $2.50 6pk fruit juice $2.99
fruit gummies $2.00 applesauce $6.99
salsa $1.98 peanut butter $2.49
spaghetti sauce $1.95 spaghetti noodles $0.99
pizza sauce $0.98 6pk apple juice $2.99
Hershey bars $1.00 x 4 = $4.00 provolone cheese $3.60
Skittles $2.48 turkey slices $5.60
M&Ms $2.98 cheddar cheese $4.23
roast beef slices $6.59
2 pizza dough balls $2.49 x 2 = $4.98
Walmart Total = $41.84 Wegmans Total = $60.76

That makes the grand total $102.60.  We had a carry over of $14.52 from the week before which made the budget we were working with $64.52.  We went over by $38.08.  I did get $0.21 back through Walmart's Saving Catcher app for the Ritz Bits.

Even though we went over on our budget, it still was cheaper than what we would have spent going out to eat.  This not only provided for all but one of our dinners on vacation, but for our lunches and snacks down and back.

To see these meals as well as more meal ideas for your next beach vacation, check out my post Meal Ideas for a Beach Vacation.