Taking a stroller to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World, Disney vacation, taking a stroller to Disney World,
When we started thinking about planning a trip to Walt Disney World, I was torn between taking a stroller with us or not.  Walt Disney World does have strollers available to rent, but are on the bulky side.  We ended up deciding to take our stroller so that we didn't have to carry Michael all over the parks.

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Once we decided that we would take a stroller with us, we knew we needed to get a different one that would be easier to work with.  The one that we had was heavy when folded up.  We wanted to get a lighter stroller and easier to fold up, but not spend a lot of money.  We ended up buying the Babies R Us Zobo Lightweight Stroller.

Once you've decided that you're taking a stroller, you'll want to come up with something so that you can be able to identify it easily.  There are plenty of ideas out there to make a stroller sign.

image source.

image source.

There are several different designs via Mouse For Less for stroller tags.  I narrowed it down to the two signs above and let Michael decide which one to use.

Walt Disney World, Disney vacation, taking a stroller to Disney World,
Michael picked the Mickey Mouse one.  After printing out the sign, I put it into a protective sleeve.  I taped the opening so that the sign wouldn't fall out.  We then used a rubber band and some twisty ties to attach it to the stroller.  We couldn't find two rubber bands in our house, that's why we used twisty ties.

I was so happy to have made this.  Made it so much easier to find our stroller in the sea of millions of strollers.  Even when our stroller had been moved, cast members do occasionally move them around, we were able to find it by looking for our sign.  No matter if you're renting a stroller from Disney or bringing your own, definitely make a stroller tag to make your life a little easier.



  1. Great idea! We are planning for an upcoming trip to Disney and just ordered the Zobo stroller. How did this stroller work for you?

    1. We loved it. Fairly easy to close and open and very light. A lot easier to load on the trams at the parking lots. Also, if you forget to buy a stroller poncho in case of rain buy an adult poncho from the park and drape it over the stroller. Worked like a charm! Just make sure to snap the poncho around the poles of the stroller so it doesn't blow away.

  2. Awesome post ! I currently have a cheap stroller and the difference was immediately noticeable. The other feature I fell in love with is the handle, it rotates so your baby is either looking out at the road or looking out at you, I would love this feature. Thanks !

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