Cutting it close, but still kept it under budget! - Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for January 30th - February 5th

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Michael and I ended up doing the grocery shopping on Monday morning.  Just didn't feel like doing the shopping over the weekend.  We had a lot of household items on our list this week which eats up a good bit of the budget.  Since I knew that my food budget would be less, I decided to plan meals where I already had the items or they were on the cheap side.

  1. Spaghetti (had everything I needed)
  2. French bread pizza
  3. Spaghetti boats
  4. Hamburger Helper (had the hamburger)
Didn't really think about the fact that all the dinners planned are all Italian foods at the time of planning.  Seems to be one of the few food types that we can all agree upon in this household.  Here's the list for Walmart:
  • box of half sticks of butter  $4.78
  • toilet paper  $11.97
  • gold fish crackers  $2.98
  • loaf of whole wheat bread  $1.68
  • rinse aid  $6.68
  • recycle bags  $6.98
  • Lucky Charms  $3.98
  • Hamburger Helper  $2.50
  • 2 loaves of French bread  $1.00 x 2 = $2.00
  • pizza cheese  $2.48
  • pizza sauce  $0.98
  • Mickey Mouse cheese  $2.43
Some big ticket items there.  The good thing is, most of those items won't be needed to be purchased for at least a month if not longer.  The total spent at Walmart was $51.58!  Yeah, I almost crapped myself when I saw the total.  If I had done what we normally do and added things up while going through the store, I might have decided not to buy some items this week.  Luckily, I had some money carried over from the previous week so off to Wegmans we went.

Before we headed into Wegmans, I counted the money that I had from the week before to make sure I knew exactly how much I had to spend.  Here's our list:
  • fruit gummies  $1.99
  • peanut butter  $2.49
  • provolone cheese  $4.50
  • OJ  $2.49
  • gallon whole milk  $3.49
  • pepperoni  $2.49
I made sure to have my calculator app open and started adding the prices to make sure I was within my budget.  I ended up spending $17.89 at Wegmans.

We had a carry over from the previous week of $22.37 which bumped our weekly budget of $50 up to $72.37.  The grand total spent was $69.47.  Still under budget by $2.90!  I uploaded my Walmart receipt to their savings catcher app and earned $1.00 for the toilet paper and $1.00 for the butter through Ibotta.

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