Got your MagicBands, now what?

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Congratulations on receiving your MagicBands!  You have about two weeks before your magical vacation at Walt Disney World.  You have the keys to your vacation, now what?

Currently the only to get a Disney MagicBand is by staying on Disney property or buying them from the Disney Store online for $12.95.  You can also buy MagicBands that are already decorated for around, I believe, $25.00 at the park.  Jon had found a MagicBand with Baymax from Big Hero 6 at Hollywood Studios, but we weren't willing to pay the $25 - $30 pricetag for something that we already had included in our hotel stay.

About a month before our trip, I went on to the My Disney Experience website to finalize the colors and what names we wanted our bands in.  Inside they also have the names that are listed below the bands in the box.  I was also able to tell them to mail it to my house, but could have had them sent to our Disney resort.  We wanted to decorate our bands, but since we left five days after Thanksgiving there wasn't enough time to do the decorating.

There are many ideas out there on how to decorate your bands and personalize them.  Months before our trip, I had gone to Five and Below and bought some Disney temporary tattoos.  We were going to apply these tattoos to our bands and seal them with clear nail polish.  If you're really artistic, you probably could take some acrylic paint and make a fabulous design or painting.  I've also seen that there are some stickers that are just for the MagicBands.  We saw at Walt Disney World that you could buy things called MagicBandits.  They're supper cute, but Jon and I both agreed that they could probably fall off your MagicBand.

Have you decorated your MagicBands?  If so, how have you done the decorating?  We will definitely have our bands decorated for our next trip.