Counting down to your Disney vacation

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Everyone has counted down to the end of waiting for something.  Why not do something fun to get your whole family even more excited about that Disney vacation you have planned?!

I wanted to do something fun, but the timing for our trip didn't help.  Yep, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas that we were preparing for before we left so I didn't have time to do something crazy fun.  Here's my Pinterest board with all the great ideas that I've found:

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So many great ideas and I'm sure we'll use these for our next trip.  I went with something that was cheap and easy.  I printed out the page above from Confessions of a Projectaholic.  I already had an 8 x 10 frame that was not being used.  Love it when I don't have to buy anything!

While I was going through all the frames that I'm not using (yeah, I have a tub filled with all kinds of unused frames), I found this framed picture of me with Mickey Mouse from my very first trip to Walt Disney World.  I decided to have that displayed next to the countdown.

Michael loved doing the countdown and had me change some of the wording of the countdown.  Most mornings we came down to the kitchen and I told him what the new number would be and helped him put the number on there.

What kinds of fun ways have you counted down the days to your Disney vacation with your family.  Another idea that I came up with is doing Family movie nights with the Movies to watch before your Walt Disney World trip post I wrote about.  Whatever kind of countdown you choose to do, the whole family will be so excited for your magical Disney vacation.