Our Little Guy is Starting Preschool

Yesterday was open house at the preschool Michael will be going to this school year, yes it's already time for that in our household.  I'm so excited for him.  We've picked a great school!  They have a science
teacher, music teacher, and Spanish teacher as well as the head teacher for each class and an aid.

When we got to the school yesterday, we showed Michael where his hook was and had him put his tote bag that the school provided him with on it.  We then took him to his classroom.

They had a name tag made for each child and he willingly wore it for about half the time we were there.

Since it was just open house, parents stayed with the kids while they got acclimated to the classroom and all their classmates.

Michael also was getting to know one of his teachers.  When we left he  gave her a high five.  I think he'll have fun tomorrow on his first full day of school.

This morning we got his bag out and the items we had bought from Hobby Lobby and started decorating.  I used liquid stitch to apply the Mickey Mouse patch.  He said that he wants to put a monkey patch on the other side of the cross.

On the back of the bag, we put Cars stickers.  I had found a scrapbook paper with Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  I'm thinking of scanning it and them printing it out on iron on paper.  Michael is really happy with his bag.
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