Dulles 28 Centre Toddler Play Area

We are always looking for new playgrounds to take Michael to.  This way he's not tired of the same park.  Growing up, there was only about three parks I played at.  Michael is so lucky to be growing up in an area
that has a playground at what seems like every turn.  A few months ago we tried out the Dulles 28 Centre Toddler Play Area.

Located in the Dulles 28 Centre at Route 28 and Waxpool Road in Dulles, VA.  You can do a little shopping or have a meal and then sit and let your kids play before heading home.

The ground is nice, soft, and padded.  The big thing is that the whole playground is fenced in!  Great when you have a runner like we do.

The playground is an airport theme which is great since it's so close to the airport.  A great way for the kids to watch the planes in the sky and play on those on the ground.

After Michael played his little heart out, we went and got some ice cream at Coldstone Creamery.  If you haven't checked it out, you should.  I might have to take Michael back soon.
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