Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for September 5th - 11th

While we were away for my husband's family reunion, I sprained my ankle.  Because I was unable to do all the cooking that I originally planned for last week.  With that being said, there are a few carry overs
this week.  Here's the list for dinners this week:
  1. Taco Bake (carry over)
  2. Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole (carry over)
  3. Cheese Steaks
  4. Hamburgers
  5. French Bread Pizza
We ended up doing are Walmart run on Saturday.  Here's the list that we had and the prices for each item:
  • chicken strips  $3.98
  • hot dog buns  $1.28
  • hoagie rolls  normally $2.78, on sale for $2.50
  • hamburger buns  $1.28
  • butter  $4.98
  • unscented baby wipes  $1.97
  • loaf of French bread  normally $1.69, on sale for $1.00
  • pizza sauce  $0.98
  • shredded mozzarella cheese  $2.48 x 2 = $4.96
  • fruit gummies  $2.00
  • gallon of distilled water  $0.89

We used these two coupons, saving us $1.00 and I will earn $0.10 for each coupon through Inbox Dollars.  The total spent at Walmart was $25.53.

We ended up going to Wegmans on Sunday morning.  I will say that it was the most crowded that I've seen the place.  Here's the list we had and the prices for each item:
  • potato chips  2/$4.00
  • gallon of whole milk  $3.49
  • OJ  $2.49
  • provolone cheese  $4.23
  • Steak Umms  $3.49
  • 1lb of ground beef  $5.14
  • apple juice  $5.49
  • onions  $1.99
We spent a total of $31.08.  The weekly budget was our normal $50.  The grand total spent was $56.61, making us over budget by $6.61.  I also earned $0.25 for the milk through Ibotta and $0.25 for the onions through Checkout 51.

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