Taco Night Take Two

The other night I made tacos and since Jon was running late on getting home, I decided that I would take the time to make hard taco shells.  The last time we made tacos we just stuck with the soft taco.  Here's my original blog post about us making our own tacos (Do It Yourself Tacos).
It's very simple to make the tacos hard!  I would suggest to use smaller tortilla shells, it would help.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.  Place your tortillas right on the oven racks as in the picture below.  Bake for 7 - 10 minutes.   Follow Mandee's blog post if your shells aren't pliable enough to do this (Pantry Cooking for Pantry Staples Take Two...TACO NIGHT!)
They were supper yummy!  Jon still went with his soft tacos.  Michael went with the chips and salsa.
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